Night Fall

Wednesday, 10 April 2013 (US) (US)
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I didn't get the idea of James Bond Skyfall until I was editing my photos taken from tonight in Brisbane, you can't get nice city views every time when you try to take photos, high rising bars, hotels, residences, apartments, bring the camera all the time!  I am a big fan of city night views, Skyfall Shanghai fight scene did impress me, neon lights, muted fighting against city noises, which also remind me my 6 years ago's visit. I do miss the river crabs BBQs selling everywhere in the city, it's getting scary for me when thinking of the crowds since Australia is such a peaceful place even in the cities. 


jungle asos blue purple

T-shirt from   Your Eyes Lie Deers T-Shirt 50% off now. 
Jumpsuit from

Vintage Hawaii shirt in yellow with coconut tree and beach print
Dsquared linen shorts with asymmetrical fly zipper

Inflatable bubble backpack bag
VANS tweeds hats
Topman red denim shorts
I love OPTIKO, on James street, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane  DSC_0128副本
Bart Simpson printed raw denim shirt
Dominos Chef's Best (choices ) Pizza
ASOS check print shorts
Multi-crosses metal chain necklace in gold colour

Vintage men's silk blue shirt with Egypt, zig zag print 
Romania teen's vintage athletic jacket 
Versace x H&M denim with alligator prints

My favourite vintage print, Versace alike and gold mirror, gold chain. 

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