Sunday, 21 April 2013

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Didn't update my blog for a week, only because I had so many going, if you have a business yourself, you will realise there is never a stop for ordering and re-ordering stuff, I did saw my friend clicking on these bloody web to order cakes and breads for her cafe, I was laughing, and now I just got headache for size 6 and 7 order again and again and then missing a another colour etc.

Don't know if it is because I have feet problem or other people just have more tolerance for prisoning their feet in leather shoes / boots. I can not leave without my Nike Roshe!

Another reason that I was too lazy to updating the blog is because I am trying to give my mac some free spaces. Trying to editing all these old photos and upload them. So it is great to just sit here and 'updating' old stuffs.

I am obsessed with the Good Wife, DVDs season 1-4 are everybody's birthday gifts, i have been watching them again and again since March, lunches and dinners .... Can't eat without Alicia and Will speaking in front my Mac !

I hope you have watched this Givenchy video!

Givenchy x Barney's 

some of video clips about Alexander Wang I didn't post before. 


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