24 April ACNE Prisoner

Tuesday, 23 April 2013


Nice and peaceful white background, simple black denim shorts, chunky rick owns trainers,
but, too many colours on backpack and hawaii clouds shirt.
I keep asking myself why I always make the photos so complicated,( only after the photos are taken, every time), I have always tried to remind myself do not put too many colours in one outfit, but my choices are little. ( failed )
Is this a fashion joke? some people shrugged. ( let haters hate, I am amazing )
While we all have to learn from "it", while black and white are hot,
but they require as much characters as colourful outfits
characters such as cut-offs on single colours, black and white checks ( Marc Jacobs 2013 )
or minimalism. ( Designers usually go with oversized or strange shapes on these )

Anyhow, it is hard, to be just like a Bazaar cover. ( simple and full of characters ? )



Buy jumpsuit from oki-ni here.
Buy NIKE comfy trainers SS2013 collection from oki-ni here.
Buy Raf Simons' chunky metal chain necklace from oki-ni from here.
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I have always been such a fickle person in my own fashion world, hmmm, if thinking for one more second, I am actually fickle in the real life as well, maybe.
But I have let the blue jumpsuit joined too much of clothes matching meetings for too many times,
I am surprised that I am still in love with it, why am I still not sick of it ? I can't remember what
was the last thing I treated so well as like what I did to this vintage jumpie. I match it with neon, I style it with blacks, I wash it with conditioner, I iron it, I create different concepts around it, ohh....
I can create a WHOLE new world around it !

I took the above photo because I wanted to take one last photo with the Nike running shoes, of course, blue, my only choice. ( orange? noway! it is tiny little there ) and I just got that Italia football top as well! so I just let these blue boys have a meeting and crushes together.

Oh my, I am so glad I can write something today, it is such a big step for me, I so want to be like style bubble, but it seems like I not getting any closer soon. Pictures can express a concepts, otherwise you zoom, or you have to express the details by words, huh?

All good, no matter this is shit or diamonds, me or my grandchildren, will be benefited within.

So, is that true that I am going back to 12 years old ? the boy who only loves blue the most ? or is it just
hiding at the bottom of my heart until it sees this blunie jumpsuit ?

I am so not into neon colours at the moment, I think they are so shallow, i refused to wear neon !
it is just a mood, the only neon i want to wear right now are neon leathers ! I miss my metallic blue clutch so much!  ( just designed fashion-dacci new bag ! coming soon ! )


Vintage zig zag / Egyptian / African prints silk shirt 
studded black denim shorts
Photo was taken in Brisbane, QLD


I love ACNE 2013 SS so much, look at these wise wide stripes in vertical, bold but classic colours, ohh, mine is just even better, vintage, not ACNE, I am amazing.


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