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Some argues it is all about those manly casual trainers, others insists it is all about the colourful tweed coats. In my very personal opinion, sneakers are expressing the casualty about this winter collection and coats are the still most important pieces for our winter wardrobes.  Karl is presenting everything all together from this collection as a "concept" --- art pop. Fashion is so consumerism nowadays. You may shop it, everybody may have a chance, even the ones not used to afford. I was just looking for a cropped top with high neck collar, and here it is, at CHANEL supermarket. 

Every outfits from the runway is designed for the "pop-art" concept and for the CHANEL supermarket --- Imagine a modern parisian girl walked in on a ordinary paris cold winter day for grocery shopping, maybe after jogging ?

The trainers and sporty bodysuits. ( No Stilettos ?)
The trainers are featured with oversized sides ( manly) to give a more relaxed style so match the whole concept of "grocery shopping"or "after gym" shopping WITH A CHANEL-ed STYLEEven some of classy pantsuits are included, they definitely are out of the spotlights of this season.

Fastened sleeves, either colourful or glittering, or dark colours but with complicated making and material. The cuttings are mostly featured with really really really skinny waists, loosed / puffed shoulders and wide legged pants. 
 feminine - knitted pink
or masculinity - plastic or foil cool bag looked silver metallic oversized coats

So what will Karl do this season? 
Is he trying to talk to the younger generations???  
"Hey! you can wear CHANEL (now eventually), so go have a run along the river then do some supermarket grocery shopping with these trendy but expensive labels), they are "comfy" and stylish. Look at all these colours and modern cuttings included in this FALL ( YES!! FALLLLLLL!!!! FALLLL????  Like those falls we wore dark colours???? ) collection. 

While, on the another side, CHANEL has always been CHANEL (so far).  We cant judge it from surfaces ( the runway pics or vidz). Go to have a look at how they are made (if you really have that priceless opportunity) or even just touch your BFF's 2.55, you will know every corner, every piece, even just the lining of a cropped turtle neck from this season is involved with parisian artists talents and the best craftsmanships.  


refugee bag looked shopping totes at CHANEL RTW FALL Collection 2014

meat packages with CHANEL 2.55 flap bag

So being very different from CHANEL FALL 2014 RTW collection, Lady Melbourne and I combined a "boyish" tweed flap bag, a velvet flap bag with a extremely feminine outfit -- vintage satin dress in light and creamy pink and blood deep red suede peep-toe heels.  ( Keep an eye for our coming masculine looked outfit with these boyish bags to compare. ) 

So would you like to copy the style or do you want to OWN the quality ?
If you got something similar, you copied the style.
 If you put something very original and created them yourself, you CREATE your own style.
is COPY very hurtful here ? how about we use STEAL ?  

I am so glad that eventually I can / I got time to work with Lady Melbourne. It has been such a long time (at least a year) since we discussed and planned to do fashion and stylists together. We have lots lots more coming soon collabs since Lady Melbourne really is one of the not many full time fashion carriers I know and we have so much in common both in fashion and in our personal lives.  We both have reasonable wardrobes --- my shop and her wardrobe wardrobes. We did not have too much time to prepare for this time since it was right before the Easter holidays and I was in Melbourne only for a short visit. Sp only put whatever were available from some recent fashiondacci stocks and her recent new collections, forgive us if you think they are so wrong and please do comment here so we know :)

This kind of collabs between us will happen quite a lot in the future (as I already said), so keep an eye on her website
or at

purple bag DSC_0808

What do you think about rough metal details plus soft feminine velvet ? Is that a go ?
Have to say RED shoes are like magic, the power of women just came out of nowhere when the shoes are on.

Karl talks about CHANEL spring summer 2014 HAUTE COUTURE 

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