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Monday, 5 May 2014

I read this one article long time ago regarding designer handbags assembly hours and compared with their prices. For most designer handbags, the more hours they took to make, the higher the prices would be for. I could not find the article anymore, if you happen to know about it, please let every know.

Nowadays there are many people are crazy about "overpriced" designer handbags and I "was" one of them. The differences between "crazy" and "truly know" about these bags are among the lost article I mentioned above. ( LOL )
I remembered my first "baaaag" is LOUIS VUITTON backpack, it's second hand and its overly used. Cost only $200 to buy off a friend. I can not comment on it too much  due to its tiny size, it is useless to me, but the old look of the tanned honey leather straps and monograms are timeless, classy, and easy make a statement with almost any outfit. 
Later I got my all time favourite LOUIS VUITTON "carryall" shoulder bag. They last forever!  I did not know the monogram canvas is "scratch-prove", that is one of the many proofs to call we-people blindly crazy about designer labels and bags. 

So, sooooo many questions to ask about designer bags. 
How many hours does it really take to finish making a CHANEL 2.55 and all other designer bags? 
How many lambskins does it cost ?
How many metal pieces are included ?
How many artists are included for just making one bag?

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