Thursday, 4 April 2013

new season banners for SS13

 click to buy : Topman New tie dye vests
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Click on 'read more' to keep reading this post.

shop regilious t-shirt check long shirt

acne blue stripes cairns vintage t-shirt oversized riahanna choker

It is so wrong to put a vintage glamorous sunglasses with a modern casual check shorts, 
It is wrong to put a gentleman casual stripes with a hip-hop oversized necklace
It is so wrong but I like it. 
Baroque style sunglasses ( with brass Filigree Corner )  buy from here.
modern check polo shorts 
chunky gold chain ( choker )

blue jumpsuit worksuit + check jacket副本


Check similar vintage stripes from
or similar here


Similar check print shorts by GANT RUGGER


romania jacket
I'm wearing vintage men's jumpsuit / work suit. 
Vintage Romania athlete's sweat jacket 
ACNE tassel bag 
ASOS sunglasses 
Designer parody cap 

religious print t-shirt choker
I'm wearing Barbie Ken doll ring 
Religious print T-shirt 
Bart Simpsons denim shirt 
Rihanna style choker necklace metal hain 
ACNE tassel bag 
ASOS check print polo shorts 
BVLGARI sports watch 
ASOS jungle print mirror sunglasses 

                                     Nicki Minaj x Lil Wayne High school Music video is out now. (below)

Scotland checks from





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