Margiela & Deadly Ponies

Sunday, 24 August 2014

In my opinion, Margiela has always been such a weird label, like you even don't know what the orignal designer Mr Martin Margiela actually looks like ("Fashion's invisible man - NY times) and it's so very hard to define the label or any of their collections, they seemed always use black, grey, and white colours as their signature "minimal collection"and their design base, unlike other labels which normally will define their collections as Earth inspired, Ocean inspired etc.

Margiela is so weird, but in such a high fashion way, ("out of sight not out of mind -") if you go weird or ultra-edgy, you move to street style or edgy artisians, and probably will hardly to be grouped with Saint Laurent and Giorgio Armani. but Margiela the label, they hided small tiny little weird secrets in their garments and let you be the judge. They have elegant gowns, but on the another hand, also released these weird hoof / goat feet alike heels.

Anyway, I was so happy that I have snapped this girl who was wearing this pair of snakeskin-ed Margiela Boots, you can check out similar HERE or HERE, or whole MMM collection HERE

whole collection from Net-a-porter HERE
whole collection from Farfetch HERE



Mr Cub Fur 
Deer skin and goat fur shoulder bag from Deadly Ponies NZ,
 that I snapped from this beautiful girl on Chapel street, South Yarra. 


Deadly Ponies, the harmonious New Zealand label, with their ridiculously high level of smart craftsmanship, didn't take them a long way to become one of the most talked about labels internationally.  They blend the luxury material with modern and edgy ideas, they are fun, creative but yet losing the defination of elegance of the luxury leather goods.

Mr_Double_Lure-cobalt_1024x1024I have already got 100 ways that I want to play with these sheep fur charms 


They are not only just two combined mini shoulder bags but also with backpack transformability


I actually have been craving one of these similar bag from earlier Alexander Wang's collections. The detachable net satchel at the bottom of the bag would be great to fit in we towel from beach, your water bottle or heels. 

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