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Acne has always been giving us soft punches on the face (and heart) each every season, like the flocked sweater I was wearing, it is with this beauuuutiful big round cocoon shape, but, but but which is actually from this soft, warm and relaxed texture. they don't do shock values, they don't want big sensational prints come and go like morning dew, they design, they feel, they craft, and we love them,  we are all models-off-duty at Stockholm. (no lady gaga and flashlight seekers are allowed ). As mentioned by the designer Johansson during the interview for Interview magazines, always mentioned in Swedish, the word "lagom", means "at the middle", has been taken effect around the studio. --- Acne, this Swedish house, taking designs not minimal, but a bit of functional. 

Every each season after watching Acne's shows, I am like, oh, that is exactly what I wanted.... yeah, right, Acne has always raised the street fashion to the another level, maybe not just one level, a lots more levelZ. Such as the wide legged pants, we seen them, but we haven't seen them tailored or wool blended right ? Here they are for you, "high-models" at Acne Studios.

I am thinking if I could get my hands on pairs of these "low ankled" ACNE socks, that paired with furry loafers or classic masculine leather shoes.



ACNE Studios is confusing! Said who? sometimes they craft one of the most functional coats in the world, and the second season, they will do oversized hats, by oversize, I meant like ridiculous huge!
For garments from one season, i am like, I can't take anything at all, other seasons, am like, I want more! I don't know how long you will be looking at me here posting and complaining about anything  "ACNE hashtaged".

The flocked-printed-sweaters are not anything new, but since the few colours released last season, they sold out just like that. Bong! I regretted not having my hands on them quick enough. I've actually seen 5inchandup took it out again after the last season's fever and it just looked so perfect on almost anything u want to pair with. Ahhhh, so here it is. and if you looked at my past looks, i am anyway a big fan of cocoon shaped sweaters, and so it is.  I won't let this slip away from my collection, again!
The black sweater i wanted is out of stock in size large, i may check farfetch bit later for fulfil my collection.  

Shop ACNE from 

net-a-porter           acne women 2014 fall ready to wear 
mr.porter                acne men  2014 spring and summer collection and 2014 fall men's ready to wear collection 
farfetch                  acne men   acne women
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ebay acne second hands men women
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OC acne men women 


the convertible Lychee backpack /shoulder bag in burgundy or black is available at now. 

Location : North Bridge, Perth
Key word : Cherry blossom in Australia ? 
Music : give you a heard break with Perth beautiful 25 degrees winter 
Food : Good Fortune bbq duck on William street, WA 6003 
Movie : Snowpiercer 

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Even its originally designed for girls to wear as a long sweatshirt or sweater-dress, while shrink it up to upper belly-button line, may show more about the textures and highlight the leg-line, give a sport-deluxe look.


Even this sweater is not anything new for this season, but i guess it anyhow still strongly supported Acne's seasonal theme, which is "ocean and water", the rounded sleeves line and the deep blue. Well done, Johnasson.

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