Camilla's smile - Chapel street

Sunday, 24 August 2014

I caught a cold from last night late night swimming, my swimming pool and apartment are in two separate buildings in Docklands, so... 10 seconds outdoor in dockland with barely nothing on, 10 degrees... and also the weather today isn't that good. I thought today must be my bad luck day until I met beautiful Camilla! who was walking on the opposite side of the Chanel street with this popping fluttering tartan windcoat, and her beautiful short blonde hair also caught my eye. I tried my best to catch her steps and ran cross the street, she went into general pants and tried a few jeans on, but seemed like none were as fit as her JAG jeans which she was wearing today.
I was so glad that she was happy to do a few photos for me, and I was so excited to ask her about the label of the geometrical print coat eventually, well, no luck for any of us, it is a one of a kind. 


Location : South Yarra
Chapel x Arthur street


You can follow her on IG @ Camillajones

DSC_0571 DSC_0569

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