RED + GREEN 19-MAY-2014

Sunday, 25 May 2014

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The Grounds, of Alexandria.
Alexandria is a suburb not far from Central Sydney, I actually have only been there once since 6 years ago. I only know it as Sass and Bide studio is located there when every time I looked at their newsletter etc.
It is a suburb with not much to look at but warehouses and new coming studio offices.
but with lots of hidden / rising secrets. The Ground roasters, cafe and brunch is one of them.


After a long swimming at Prince Afred Park Pool right off Sydney Central Station, near Surry Hills, having a taste of varieties of coffee came from Southeast of Brazil at GroundsRoasters, would be the best way to spend a Sunday afternoon.


Rose bay, near Nielsen Park, Sydney


Brunch at The Grounds, in Alexandria.



Beef Short ribs & The Grounds Burger



Seeing all the old stone built buildings are actually schools and kindergartens in Rose Bay

DSC_0201B DSC_0231B副本

Just found a new spot to view the whole Sydney


so many red and green...


It really works! Taking a day off from work and walking across Sydney shores from Double Bay to Shark Bay, explore the par of Sydney where only people have real money can stay around longer than  I did. 
Standing on the edge cliff where the biggest house in Shark bay is right behind me. 
The men made 2 floor tall back yard in a European style reminds me of where Lady Gaga pushed his lover off in the Video Paparazzi. It is exactly in the same style but only this one is in a tanned colour. 

What really works ?
Some times I dont want work, but I want myself want to work. So checking out beautiful residences in Elizabeth Bay really inspires me and it works ( to push me forward )


Palm Shirt and distressed denim shorts : Ksubi
Lunchbag and swing ring set: Fashiondacci
Rose Gold oversized chronograph BF watch : Michael Kors
Embroiled Tiger sweater in red : KENZO
quitted Mcdonalds Bag : MOSCHINO


Chinta Ria MOOD FOR LOVE (Malaysian) which located inside Westfield Sydney, is definitely one of the best little secret corners to take off the big city's hustle and bustle and escape to enjoy this exotic village styled yet losing city romance corner  for a dinner for 2. Blessed by its intimate surroundings, if you are not planning for a big meal, sit at the bar side and pour yourself a glass of exotic Asian cocktail when cuddled by the romantic old HongKong music. 


I am crazy about ducks, Peking style roasted duck or HongKong styled BBQ duck are taken on a daily basis. I have not had much Malaysian since I am trying to take as much different Korean or Chinese as I can. While "the Duck Secret" is a first, it is lightly sour ( from marinated vegetables, Chinese people call them Sauerkraut / sour cabbage ) it is not that sour like Thai green curry or Korean BBQ pickled entrees, it is really lovely and softie, mixed with the richness and freshness of duck and tamarind infused broth, they come together cuddle my tongue yet attack my mouth, just copying all the actions this romantic place was doing to me, the whole night. 

DSC_0320 DSC_0316B

The Duck Secret ( above )


Satay Beef ( above )


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