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 I met LLB first time when Teresa came in to fashiondacci Victoria Market store for a hologram clutch, later on, they tagged me in lots of there outfits with a shinning clutch as a key accessory, and last week, eventually, 3 Melbourne people eventually met in Sydney, did fashion together. ( Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week 2014, Sydney, Australia)

A really short interview for you to know Lion Lion Bazaar bit better. 

K : When did you two start the blog "LION LION BAZAAR" ? 
       Thats actually a funny story: The morning after our high school graduation, Teresa and I woke up more hung over than we had ever possibly been before- still with our makeup from the previous night on (possibly stained to our faces), and after discussing our mutual obsession with fashion bloggers (Tuula, Gary Pepper, Margaret Zhang etc) decided that we should start a blog! So still hung over, and with our dresses slightly more creased than the night before, we climbed up on the roof top car park next door to my family's home, and took our first shoot ever. Edited and uploaded all pretty much the same day! 

K: How did you two meet ? How long have you known each other ? 
  We've actually known each other since we started high school, but weren't very close until about year 9, when being in the same friendship group, and having one particularly boring class together, pushed us to becoming best friends!  

K : Your favourite designers? why do you love them ?
      We love Alexander wang (who doesn't!), Celine, Josh Goot and Dion Lee. They all produce amazing and innovative clothing each season so what's not to love!
K: Are there any new plans for LLB during the rest of the year ? (maybe just heaps more collabs with FASHIONDACCI if you dont have in minds, haha ) 
      None that are set in stone at this point since we're still recovering from fashion week but more collabs sounds good!
K : Recommend only one thing, from your bags. Something you want to share with your fans. Tell me why you can not live without them. 
     B: Probably my Macbook Pro I take it everywhere with me
     T: Concealor & Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat.  I never get enough sleep!

K : Whats your latest fashion purchase ?

     Our latest fashion purchases were made in London. We discovered heaps of new labels such as the ragged priest and &other stories and just couldn't resist!

K: Where do you guys go shopping mostly  ? or just online? (websites ) 

    We don't really have specific places that we love shopping at as we're more into online shopping! The obvious favourites are asos, topshop  and the fashion bunker but there's a lot if start up labels online to be discovered as well! 

I firstly recommended to shoot either at the sunrise or sunset, and really thought they would pick the sunset, I was like, what kind of 1990s can get up at 5 or 6 am these days? Plus it was during MBFWA, they would have used all the times for outfitting and photo-editing or exploring Sydney. But surprisingly, they replied "sure, lets meet at 6am" within seconds and we were at Circular Quay the next day before the sun came out. They were right on time, looked amazing with makeup ready. I didn't know these two professionally acted girls have not really had much experience since they have been taken photos for each others only but during the shoot, they tried there best to look beautiful on every each shot. They were not nervous, they are fun and easy to work with. Here are some of the shoots we did and you can also find more at and LIONLIONBAZAAR.COM

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