Monday, 31 March 2014



One of my favourite purchases recently includes this silver metallic genuine leather derby shoes from asos.com Unfortunately they are sold-out by the time I tried to link it here. but they do got 1or 2 pairs back to stock when people returns them. I am still hoping to get one size down, I think metallic items are not like they will be out of trend next year or 10 years ago. It can just be like " so hot" this year or just "simply classy". It one of the most important themes stands for summer fashion, tropical fashion.

And I think they goes great with colours, coloured skin, coloured prints. I wish I had my hologram caps on. My calf area, especially below my calf part is too chubby, not all the shoes will look great on me, not most of the shoes will look good on me, while this pair of derby shoes make them look ok, i need shoes have some extension to the rear after my ankle. ( good examples are Nike Roshe and Rick Owens x Adidas the originals ) yeah, in another word, chunky extended soles / platform.  

2nd April  2014 PLAIDS 


Obsessed with blue-green combined plaids since Valentino released these 3 pieces suits. 
Then... Topman got them too. I missed it out, but i got half price sweatpants. ha-ha!

Nike Air muscle tee with metallic silver prints 
Topman check prints jog pants 


Have you seen my socks ? I love blue navy stripes. buy them before they sold-out


I am listening to: Red Love 
I am watching : The Good Wife eps16 ( and kept crying ) and I do not recommend you to watch it, you will sink very deep and can not withdraw.
Captain Philips, American hustle, Adoration ( The actor from the Animal Kingdom ) 
I am planning to buy : Raf Simons boots and Sneakers 
I was at : Cairns Cemetery

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