Tuesday, 11 March 2014


I am so excited to collab with Nina in Brisbane this coming weekend! Sunny and beautiful water city brisbane surely is ! here is just a simple photo i took on our business trip to the fortitude valley!

All the outfits and instagrams coming soon this sunday ! 
If you are visiting Brisbane for a holiday, you may think that Southbank is beautiful, the river is nice, and the food in newstead is cool. But for people working in brisbane, the best wish will be the weather won't go like the weather in Melbourne. but rather than that, there is much to expect when you are walking in the valley or spring hill. We luckily passed by this little local church just between 4000 and 4006.
Let me know if you know any really coooool brisbane spots so I can put in my next time's travel agenda.
While Nina and i surely will take the ferry from Brisbane river and have some vintage hunting in paddington. ( not the Padding in Sydney ! )
Keep tuned for our coming sunday Brisbane shooting and travelling!
Good night !

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