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Thursday, 29 August 2013


Dejour Jeans at 542 Sydney Rd in Brunswick, is the ONLY place to buy jeans. But seriously, why would fork out for big name brands when you can have your choice of cut and colour denim and then have them tailor made to your specifications within the hour?? A pair will set you back just $50 including alterations. The store is basic - lots of jeans - and the staff are friendly, quick and they know their stuff. Pay them a visit on a week day and you will be the proud owner of the most flattering jeans you ever owned within an hour, on weekends it gets busy so the alterations may take a little longer, giving you a chance to explore Sydney Rd's eclectic mix of clothing stores and delicious eateries. We treated ourselves to lunch at the Green Refectory, 115 Sydney Rd, Brunswick. The vibrant atmosphere and tasty food in their cabinets are enough to tempt any weary shopper.... check out the courtyard in the back and find a leafy hideaway off the busy street.

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