Trine Lindegaard

Thursday, 2 May 2013


"Peering through Trine Lndegaard's ever dazzling prism of print, colour and texture, you could be forgiven for merely admiring her lighthearted and playful approach to menswear but..."
                                                                                                                           -------- Style Salvage

Found this amazing designer from Style salvage, which I can't help to blog about it right now. Maybe I was just too obsessed with  the Balenciaga's wetsuit alike material sweater from last year? While further more, which is much more important, Trine Lindegaard showed us how the humanity and communities should be carried and done in the whole fashion world. When the label is not just a label and commercial, but more about caring and loving, that is a piece of art.

Maybe I could be forgiven for just falling with her bold and delicious embellishment, embroidery and using of colours, while we really shouldn't forget about her great contribution to the globe such as the great relationships with West African textile artisans and manufacturers and finecellwork.


All photos above from Style salvage
All photos above from Trine Lindegaard blog

Ending this post with "Young Forever" Jay Z | Mr. Hudson, isn't this a little concept of Trine Lindegaard's Fall Winter 2013 collection? 
Being playful, lighthearted and forever young. 

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