Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Simple colours are classy, maybe even colour block ( are still high class), Jil Sander huh ? but if you want whole lot of people pay a whole lot of money, you will need to bring something big, not just simple. It is hard to tell everybody about your haute cuttings, but you can tell them by starting with a BIG.

BIG? like a logo? a slogan?
yes, a tiger, a eyeball or a piece of cloud! that is KENZO. from last years tiger and jungle range, it is about clouds and eyeballs this year. It makes me think of H&M and designers collaboration. Similar theory, combine with some freebies.

The making of KENZO menswear FALL/WINTER 2013 


view KENZO menswear Fall / Winter photos and details HERE
source: stylebubble and

I didn't blog a lot about designers or shows in the last year, the only ones you can find would be MM. Margiela and GIVENCHY. I have less feelings to  GIVENCHY's religious prints and patterns. Maybe because they mainly used brown and black tones to background MADONNA AND ANGELS. 

compare with KENZO, Balenciaga goes with natural patterns / traditional autumn colours and classy silhouettes. maybe they want to surprise us with Alexander Wang.


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