Laziness is eating my brain

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

shop military green distressed tshirt

I realised I am just like all other normal people, have a 'period', the 'periods' that I don't want do things that I suppose do in a regular bases, such as swimming, taking pills, update blogs, call besties...
I started recharging my camera at 6:30pm, when I got to the beach, it was already after sunset.

To be a successful individual, it is harder than we can realise, as simple as points from these small habits.

I have tried to get up at 6am for almost 2 weeks, I am still trying, that's how hard it is. How many things were u trying for 2 weeks everyday but still failed? 

Maybe, my laziness this week is due to the shortness of new clothes. Nothing push me ( excites me) for taking new shots. 

This is my third try to take photos on the distressed t-shirts, I have tried black first in Brisbane, grey colours in Perth, then here is the military green colours in NSW. 

This amazing spot (background) is my recent found, it is my favourite place ever, I will try to get up at 6am again, tomorrow. I have to success, because it will be my second last day here. 

channel beanie asos dye polo jil sander clutch

My favourite clutch so far --- paper lunch bag clutch. Inspired by Jil Sander. 

military green distressed front shop

Shop melt mirror chanel neckalce

My favourite designer parody, mirror perspex melt CHANEL necklace

shop lion double layed thick chunky metal chain

Chunky gold chain collaborate with vintage Roma coin, heavy metal

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