Tuesday, 19 February 2013

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versace and jeans
Bought this pair of jeans one year ago, only because I am a huge fan of distressed denim /jeans and totem prints, as they are gathered together, I would have to have them. The jeans are more like size 30-29, I am more like a 31-32. Doesn't fit, never matters, I guess. 
First time wear this vintage Gianni Versace, never thought this pair of LANVIN strapped sandals will ever be useful.
If you found anything in your wardrobe is useless, maybe sell them as quick as possible, or try think harder and combine them with other items. I never liked the sandals, as they made me look chubby when I am wearing shorts,  but today, I see, go with those jeans, looks just fine! a relaxing resort look!

versace and jeans02
versace and jeans 03
versace x lanvin
blog lanvin sandals versace shirt

And if you are looking for Men's ancient sandals, check these links. 

WATERMARKET vintage red horse shirt longsleeves red studded hat

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