Dream come true on "the 9th Island"

Sunday, 27 April 2014

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blog 9th island#01

Maison Martin Margiela x H&M oversized washed jeans 
Nike runner 
Leather Cargo x fashiondacci overnight leather bag 
Vintage military long sleeves shirt 
Mykita sunglasses 

blog 9th island#02222asos 9th island#0333副本
I realised this was gonna to be the third time I was going to type "dream come true" in my blog.
Sometimes I complain to myself, why I am not smart enough to save money, to make money, but keep loosing, keep making myself so tired everyday, even no time for my friends and family.
I am a workaholic, but what is the end ? Now, I kind of realised this is it! The jeans! The photos!
Those are my life, this is my rewards for myself. 15th November 2012, I was worried if I buy this jeans, there will be no money for anything else, but eventually, I got it ! Not everyone who got it can understand, even not everyone from the queue who did not get 'the chance' to get it before sold-out can understand, not everyone like this style, but I believe some are in my Margiela team.

Looking back at this photo, this official poster, I know my hard working was not in vain.

blog 9th island#5555
Topman camouflage suit ( camo blazer ) check from here
overnight luggage similar ones here
Burgundy colour similar ones here

blog 9th island#666

Recently bought this gold eyeball necklace from a secondhand store. 
Similar ones you can check out from here 
eye series here

blog 9th island#0777副本

Then, later on, the same outfit....
except an extra plastic black bow tie from Topman.

blog #04 HBT 25dec

blog #06 HBT 25dec副本

Overnight Keepall luggage bag in wine colour or any other colours can be custom made in Melbourne

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