Straw Dogs

Friday, 10 February 2012

Was watching Straw Dogs (2011), it is great.

Biotherm Homme high recharge anti-fatigue concentrate 

Do not use this one if u are more looking for a moisturiser. Maybe it is good for a very oily skin, but definitely not for dry skin or normal skin. This is only on the matter of a moisturiser, it is still a great recharging concentrate for a important date or for fighting fatigue. I use it more like a toner or after shave to calm you skin. I don't think it is a great moisturising option. 

This lotion is so great, I found it accidentally from my friends home, never thought a pharmacy lotion could be so comforting and moisturising than expensive ones. This one is only 20AUD for 1L. I was using L'occitane and then realise the BODY SHOP is cheaper and moisturising better. Now this one is replacing my Body Shop. 
It is great for sensitive skin, it is perfume free
colour free 
PH balanced 
Propylene Glycol Free
Dermatological formula 
Lanolin Free 
Made in Australia 

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